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July 11th, 2020

Brand launch

In this ever-evolving world, Corporate Gurukul’s journey is one of continuous growth and transformation – from its birth in Singapore to now spreading its wings to twenty countries across the globe. What started as life skills enhancement and employability training interventions, has graduated into academic internships and immersions and research for school and university students.

Like our programmes, we are also constantly evolving our brand idea. We're excited to share our new brand identity with you! Featuring a new look, a new tone of voice, and a ‘Good to Great’ journey, the new Corporate Gurukul brand look comes alive on the new website and in all social media handles and communication. Corporate Gurukul partner with Landor, one of the world’s top branding companies on the brand transformation journey.

Our logo has undergone simplification, to match with our essence of keeping learning simple, curious, exciting and adaptive to resonate with our personality trait of ‘Good to Great’.

Each one of us is born with immense innate potential. Potential that enables us to do unimaginable things, things that others might see as impossible or beyond their reach. But, there’s something a little peculiar about potential. No matter how good your potential, unless put in the training, crafted by experiences and mentored by a coach - the true power of this potential will remain untapped.

Our brand idea ‘Good to Great’ is brought alive in our design language. Our graphic device “The Portal to Greatness” comprises a series of blue and yellow rectangles that talk about the path to greatness and stepping up our skills and potential in life. Vibrant colours speak of the energy and enthusiasm that we breathe into our programmes. The step-up of rectangles represent our core capabilities – Distinctive, Driven & Dynamic. These core capabilities are ever-changing and evolving, which is why their shapes and sizes are varied and transient in nature. These core capabilities are intertwined and when embraced together, embody what we offer to our students – Transforming from Good to Great!

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