About our Student Experience

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

Carl-Gustav Jung

Students apply for our programmes with different goals in mind. The most important thing aspiring participants are interested to know is if there will be opportunities to learn from top notch professors, apply the skills to solve real world problems and if the programme will provide good enough opportunities for them to be successful in career and life afterwards. The programmes offered by Corporate Gurukul are designed to tick all the above boxes.

At Corporate Gurukul our mission guides us. Our mission is to educate students with global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.

Our mission also delineates how learning occurs: our unique programmes integrate multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experience for meaningful engagement in the global community.

Finally, our mission proclaims that the world is our campus. Learning occurs across three distinct milieus: virtually, in the Classroom at NUS/NTU, and In-Country (respective geographies).

The Faculty are the primary stewards of Classroom learning while the Programme Co-ordinators and Field Staff are the primary mediators of virtual, on campus activities and in-country interventions respectively. Both Faculty and Programme Co-ordinators collaborate to ensure that seamless learning opportunities are appropriately integrated and extend into each of these environments.

Learning Outcomes

As part of our programmes, there are no boundaries to learning–it extends from the classroom into the student residences and further becomes an integral part of their daily life. Faculty, Programme Co-ordinators and Teaching Assistants work collaboratively to integrate learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

The goal of the Programme Learning Outcomes is to ensure that students gain the knowledge, skills and intercultural competence necessary to succeed as responsible international citizens in the complex 21st century world.

Through participation in the programme, students will:

  • Employ active methods of comparison and contrast to achieve a deeper understanding of emerging areas such as Industry 4.0 technologies, Empathy led research, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Humanities.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of and empathy with the peoples, cultures and geography of Singapore.
  • Develop keen powers of observation and employ writing skills and various communication technologies to record and evaluate experiences throughout the internship
  • Achieve a deeper self-knowledge, self-confidence and autonomy through meaningful interactions with other participants and with faculty as well as industry representatives.
  • Understand the diversity of cultures and traditions in the world and develop tolerance and appreciation of differences.

A typical day

The days are extremely packed with participants leaving their residences early in the morning to grab a quick breakfast and ensure they are in the class at the appointed time. The academic schedule is rigorous with class work, assignments, group meetings and project work. The lunch break is usually spent at the sprawling food court at the university where participants divide time between admiring the plethora of cuisine options available and forging deep bonds of friendship with their newly found friends.

The post lunch session is spent in hands-on sessions wherein students practice their learning through problem solving. The day might end with a quiz designed to check for comprehension of learning and application of concepts. Students usually prefer to have a quick dinner and then immerse in the preparation for the next day. The preparation effort usually involves long hours of research and discussion with fellow participants, based on the outline provided by the Faculty through an online Learning Management System which students can access on their smartphones. The Teaching Assistants are available on hand to help the students in their learning journey.

Participants usually let their hair down during the weekends, as they explore the beauty of Singapore. The evenings are spent in friendly banter with their friends at the popular hangouts in the city-state. The time spent during these informal meets sets the foundation for an extremely strong and vibrant network of high achievers across top technical schools to flourish well beyond the internship and become an important and invaluable resource for them to dip into as they traverse the path to transformation globally.

Evening and “no class” day co-curricular programming provide a rich menu of learning opportunities that complement classroom offerings. Our special initiatives include:


Evening Seminars

Held each evening between 8 pm and 10 pm in both large and small group settings, these lectures, discussions, workshops, etc. are intended to both extend classroom learning, and introduce a rich menu of co-curricular topics. Any participant can request to present an evening seminar.

Evening with an Industry Expert(weekly)

As part of our sustained relationship with the Industry, Corporate Gurukul invites senior members from the industry to meet with the participants one day in the week. These experts provide the participants with important insights about how they should go about building their careers.

Tete-a-tete with the Professors

Participants tend to form deep bonds with the Faculty during the course of the month long internships. One evening per week is reserved for the Professors to meet with the participants in a small group in an informal setting. This helps the participants and the Faculty to get to know each other better and helps to enrich the quality of the discussions in the classroom.

The Global Campus Ambassador Program

Bright and committed students are spotted and then appointed through a process of application, interaction and selection. These Ambassadors are the evangelists of the student experience on their respective campuses and help incoming students make an informed choice about the Internship/Immersion Programmes.



Held the evening after arrival in Singapore, the participants come together to learn critical logistical, safety, health, and cultural information.

Talent Show

A wonderful display of talent, this show encompasses acts that range from vocalists to comedians, and instrumentalists to poets. All Participants are encouraged to audition for this event by sharing their talents or just attending the event.

Award Ceremony

As each internship nears its conclusion, the Award Ceremony Committee (in conjunction with the Student Ambassadors) coordinate the Award Ceremony. This semi-formal event brings the cohort together and celebrates the progression from students to alumni of the respective programme.

The Programme Co-ordination Team

The Programme Co-ordination Team is responsible for the purposeful and holistic promotion of student learning and development that enhances the overall educational experience. To that end, the team works collaboratively with all participants to develop a vibrant living-learning community that supports students’ intellectual, emotional, and intercultural development.

The Programme Co-ordination Team understands that student success is not solely defined by grades. Through on campus activities, including group project work participants grow as individuals.

Led by a passionate, student-focused staff, the Programme Co-ordination Team serves as a hub for facilitating access to a variety of programmes and services that are all designed to enrich the internship experience.

Programme Co-ordinators have a diverse and complicated set of responsibilities. The work of Programme Co-ordinators enhances and supports the academic mission by encouraging independent thought and teaching interdependent behavior, advocating for the common good and championing the rights of the individual, and encouraging intelligent risk taking and setting limits on behavior.

Programme Co-ordinators facilitate the student experience by:

  • Helping students explore and clarify concepts including special interventions for students who have learning difficulties
  • Encourage development of friendships among students and a sense of community. Understand and appreciate racial, ethnic, gender, and other differences
  • Create opportunities for students to expand their aesthetic and cultural appreciation
  • Teach students how to resolve individual and group conflicts, encouraging empathy and leadership
  • Establish a clear code of conduct for all participants
  • Encourage recreation and leisure-time activities
  • Counsel students on career goals and further study.

Programme Co-ordinators firmly believe that:

  • The Academic Mission Is Preeminent
  • Each Student Is Unique. Each person Has worth & gignity
  • Bigotry Cannot Be Tolerated
  • Feelings Affect Thinking & Learning
  • Student Involvement Enhances Learning
  • Personal Circumstances Affect Learning
  • A Supportive & Friendly Community Helps Students Learn
  • The Freedom to Doubt and Question Must Be Guaranteed
  • Effective Citizenship Should Be Taught
  • Students Are Responsible For Their Own Lives

Principles of Community

In association with the academia and industry partners, Corporate Gurukul subscribes to a set of Principles of Community. We believe that a collaborative and vibrant community is a foundation for learning, critical inquiry, and discovery. As a result, each Participant has a responsibility to uphold these principles when engaging with one another and acting on behalf of the Global Internship & Immersion Programmes.

  • Inclusion: We create and nurture inclusive environments and welcome, value and affirm all members of the community, including their various identities, skills, ideas, talents, and contributions.
  • Integrity: We are accountable for our actions and will act ethically and honestly in all of our interactions.
  • Respect: We honor the inherent dignity of all people within an environment where we are committed to freedom of expression, critical discourse, and the advancement of knowledge.
  • Service: We are responsible, individually and collectively, to give or our time, talents, and resources to promote the well-being of each other and the development of our local, regional, and global communities.
  • Social Justice: We have the right to be treated and the responsibility to treat others with fairness and equity, the duty to challenge prejudice, and to uphold the laws, policies and procedures that promote justice in all respects.

Participation in our programmes is a unique and magical living/learning experience. Imagine a 24/7 environment where you live and learn together with Students, Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Programme Co-ordinators.